Lullaby of the Leaves – New Single


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Scottish-Canadian jazz singer Alison Burns and British fingerstyle guitarist Martin Taylor are releasing today a new single, ‘Lullaby Of The Leaves,’ the third take from their forthcoming album, Songs for Nature. They also recently announced a series of UK tour dates, plus a Guitar Retreat in Italy.

The new single drops just a few days before the ‘Love A Tree Day’ on May 16th, underlining the duo’s strong commitment to sustainability. Alison & Martin are partnering with ‘Trees for Life’ to plant a woodland in Scotland to offset the carbon created from the recording, manufacturing, and touring of the album. More information here.

“Songs for Nature”is scheduled for release on June 5th via P3 Music. More than just a collection of timeless jazz standards, “Songs for Nature”serves as a heartfelt tribute to the beauty of the natural world and the creative souls it has influenced. The album emerges as a beacon of hope amidst today’s environmental challenges. In an era of global environmental upheaval, the redemptive power of music carves out a sanctuary of solace, a theme resonating deeply in “Songs for Nature”. Marking its release on World Environment Day, on June 5th, this album stands as a tribute to the enduring bond between music and nature.

When every action towards environmental preservation counts, Alison and Martin’s “Songs for Nature” will inspire a gentler, kinder, more sustainable interaction with our planet.

“This album is not just about great love but more about the protection of all animals and nature”. – states Alison Burns. “Through the timeless music and enchanting lyrics of these carefully hand-picked songs, we began to create a musical love letter to the natural world. The beauty and delicate balance of nature become ever clearer when we see ourselves as a part of it and not apart from it so as not to be indifferent to animals and the planet’s precious ecosystems”.

Martin Taylor adds: “Alison and I are both very passionate about nature, the environment, and the protection of all animal and plant life. This music reflects our love of nature and the gratitude we feel for being born on this unique planet. We are surrounded by miracles, and we are part of that miracle. We share this music to remind ourselves of the importance of being in harmony with nature and, through that connection, seeing our place within this miracle”.

Alison Burns brings a smoky, sultry, and understated delivery that seems tailor-made for the intimate embrace of a dimly lit jazz club yet has enthralled everyone from exuberant music festival attendees to British royalty.

Martin Taylor, described by Pat Metheny as one of the most spectacular solo guitar players in the instrument’s history, co-pilots this journey. Taylor, a virtuoso whose fingers dance over strings with a finesse that’s both heart-stopping and profound, ensures that “Songs for Nature” is imbued with the touch of a master craftsman.

The album was recorded amidst the pristine beauty of New York’s Catskill Mountains. Produced by James Taylor and engineered by John Valesio (Norah Jones), Grammy-Award winner Dave O’Donnell (Jason Mraz, Kurt Elling, Sheryl Crow), Cicely Balston (David Bowie, Nick Cave) – each song resonates with the care and intention that only true reverence for nature can inspire.

Alison and Martin are not just musicians at the height of their powers; they are also sonic naturalists. This album is their field recording, capturing not the sounds of the wild but the emotions it stirs within us.